Andretto Solutions is a San Diego based Housing Agency specialized in Homestay and Corporate Apartment Accommodations for International students, visiting scholars, researchers, post-docs, professors and business executives throughout California. Since its founding in 2006, our high level of owner involvement, experience and dedication have set us apart in the Industry.

Hosmestay is our most popular choice of housing and we are very proud of our committed host/student matching system.  All Host Families from our large and carefully selected network are submitted to in-home interviews and inspections by the Company owner herself, whose philosophy is never placing a student in a home where she wouldn’t stay herself. 

The application forms that all students and prospective hosts fill out, gather as much information as possible and we take all aspects into consideration to ensure successful matchings. Our main focus is to provide a welcoming, warm, comfortable, respectful, suitable and safe environment to our students. Host Families must meet our requirements including accommodations comfort, home cleanness and background checks for all residents above 18 years of age.

In order to provide a pleasant and gratifying experience to all our international visitors, our team is committed to offering strong ongoing assistance from the moment the application is submitted throughout the end of the stay. We also have an emergency line 24/7 with an extremely reliable support system.

We have extensive experience in large group’s placements and enough knowhow to successfully place up to 400 students at once, which makes single placements definitely very easy to handle.

We believe that the foundation of a successful experience abroad starts with the right accommodation and local support, and our team takes pride in providing a smoothly executed and positive introduction to the new country and culture.

Based on our 10 year experience, Homestay is the housing option that we encourage the most because without a doubt, such experience offers several life-changing and enduring academic, intercultural, personal, and social benefits.  Few other experiences in life have proven to net such a positive and sustainable impact.

Some of our most valuable clients are: UC San Diego, UC Irvine, California International Business University (San Diego), San Diego Flight Training International (San Diego), Neils Brock University (Denmark), Mainichi Education Inc. (Japan), US International Education Association (China), Sebrae (Brazil), Experimento Intercambio Cultural (Brazil), Student Travel Bureau (Brazil).

Thank you letter received from a Student:

“Dear Agency,

How are you? I have come home now. I am very glad that I had a very good time at Kari’s home and I want to thank you very much for providing me this unforgettable experience.
The bus stop was not far, but the host father drove me there everyday. The house was so beautiful, the beach was near and I enjoyed life everyday.

People at Kari’s home were very nice all the time. The father cooked good food everyday and he even took me to the Chinese supermarket sometimes to avoid US food that was not my habit. The host mother was so nice too. She is a very gentle lady and she cared for me a lot. We often chat everyday. They gave me a feeling of being their own daughter. The little son is a very smart boy, a little handsome gentleman and very nice to me.

The host parents were very attentive to me. They met my requirements as much as possible. On holidays they often took me out to the mall, golf courses, parks, amusement parks, to the beautiful beach and so on.

The nanny was so nice too. We often walked together to exercise with the dog and she often helped me wash my clothes and clean my room.
A lot of family activity allowed me to experience the authentic American life style. This time made my life amazing in the US and they bring me a lot of happiness and good memories.
Living conditions were great in a healthy family environment and the accommodations were very very good. Big house, bright room, beautiful garden, all kinds of fruit trees, even a tree house! I felt I was in a movie sometimes.
The few months of life in their home gave me very pleasant memories that I will never forget, so thank you very much again and again.”

Best Wishes, Binhong GUO 8 - 15 -2015